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Last Updated February 3, 2008



Trick Keys:
Difficulty: 1 top: easy, 6+ tops: very difficult
Popularity/fame: 4: fundamental or famous trick, 1: rare or variation
Tip type: F: fixed tip, B: bearing tip, F/B: either, B(F) fixed possible
Regeneration: : spin regeneration possible
Video: : video clip available +: multiple views sm: slow motion
Drawings: : drawing available

Degree of difficulty relates to the difficulty in learning to do the trick in the most usual way with good consistency. Some tricks are relatively easy to nail from time to time, but very difficult to do nine-out-of-ten times. Others are difficult to learn, but then they can be done with consistency, such as most regeneration tricks.

Popularity/fame tries to judge what a "standard" player should know. However, unusual tricks make a player stand out.

Most bearing-tip tricks can be done with increased degree of difficulty using a fixed tip. Most fixed-tip tricks can be done with a bearing tip, but no regeneration is possible.


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Sport Division Tricks

Videos of the 40 tricks used in Sport divisions at the Worlds and National spintop contests.


Wirewalker (Tightrope) tricks

Cable Car (Teleférico) F

The top slides on the string to the other hand but changes its mind and wirewalks back. Cooler than wirewalker 2.

Corkscrew tricks

Corkscrew B(F) +

This is in everybody's list of favorite tricks and a real crowd pleaser. The top describes a helix while sliding along a string wrapped several times around the forearm.

Reversible Corkscrew B

When the normal corkscrew ends the forearm swings down and the top continues corkscrewing towards the hand: nice trick!

Bondage B

Corkscrew around both arms: lots of string to get tied up.

Staircase to Heaven F

Like corkscrew except the top walks upwards: much more difficult but very impressive.

Upside-Down Corkscrew B

Corkscrew with the top upside-down for the terminally corkscrewed.


Rollercoaster F(B) +

The most popular regeneration trick. The top slides down the string from the throwing side to the middle of the string where it is jerked and popped upright into the air.

Drumbeat F(B) +

A classic regeneration trick. The top is caught trapeze, pumped while precessing, and popped up to start a new turn.

Sewing Machine F(B) +

Similar to drumbeat except that the top is caught with an underhand pass and the string crossed.

Joker Choker F(B) + sm

Alternation of drumbeat and sewing machine catches without pumping in between. Very fast action.

Drum Roll F(B) +

Drumbeat-like pumping regenerates the spin but the top never leaves the string. Action is slow but you need to be smooth like butter!

Plate Regens F

Look ma', no string! Plate regenerations are the "poor's man regeneration" but have been used to establish a world record.

Video Collages

"Over the Top"

Very first video produced for ta0.com.
This is a large (40MB) video showing many advanced tricks.

Right-click here to download

Contest Video

Click on the contest logo for all available videos

Top Pro I (2006)

Informal money contest between advanced players after the US 06 Nationals. In order of appearence: Cliff Coleman, Robert Gray, André Boulay, Boyd Seth, Alan Gray, ta0, Takeshi. (48MB Quicktime)

US National 2005 Spintop Contest

1st Place: Jon Gates

Right-click here to download 32MB MPEG-1

World 2005 Spintop Contest

1st Place: Dave Bazan

Right-click here to download 32MB MPEG-1

World 2004 Spintop Contest

1st Place: Matt Ritter

Right-click here to download 26MB DivX
Recording by Shawn Fumo

Witness Video

Colombian Street Performers

Several players perform with wooden pegtops of every size in the streets of Bogotá, Colombia. Excellent spinning including some spinning on the tongue! Right-click here to download 27MB

Segment broadcasted in program
"Ver para Creer" of Univision.