Reversible Corkscrew


Spintop: YYJ Gates

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Description: Start the trick exactly as a normal corkscrew. While the top does the final circle rapidly lower the forearm and raise the end of the string. The top continues its helix movement, now traversing the wrap in reverse order from the elbow towards the hand.

Advice: A larger final circle will give you more time and clearance to do the flip. You may want to keep a little extra string next to the fingers (e.g. by holding the button away from the knuckles) to help you clear the hand when the top returns.

The easiest exit is to pop up the top into the air. You can also land it on the lowered hand but it is difficult. I prefer to raise the hand on the last loop and land it on the raised hand.

Notes: The top doesn't need to stall when it gets to the bottom of the regular corkscrew: it can just continue a smooth helical movement. Notice that a screw has the same thread (e.g. right-handed) when it is flipped over. When the forearm is lowered the string shifts 180 degrees around the tip, placing the string just traversed ahead of the top.

History/Etymology: I posted the first video of this trick in early 04. Miguel Correa used it at Worlds 2004.