Compulsories for Spin Top Championship Division


These were the qualifiers for freestyles at the World Spintop Contest and the U.S. National Spintop Contest until 2007. In 2008 the format changed to a one-minute freestyle qualifier.



General Rules

Any top may be used for any of the tricks, with the exception of wirewalker and regeneration tricks which must be done with a fixed tip top (those tricks are identified in the list). All tricks must end with a spinner for 5 seconds either in hand or as directed by instructions. Players will get two attempts per trick scoring 5 points for a successful first attempt and 3 points for a successful second attempt.

The top finalists in this division will freestyle (number varies).

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1. Wirewalker 2 (Fixed Tip)

Do Wirewalker, rewrap string around point and wirewalk back to the original hand. Top must travel on the string the full width of the shoulders in each direction. The hand that starts each walk may not move until after the top has been launched by the string.


2. Roller Coaster to String (fixed tip) (15 reps)

Start with Lasso catch (boomerang to string without hand catch) followed by Roller Coaster but recatching it on the string instead of in the hand. After all reps, return to hand.


3. Whip Catch

Throw Trapeze, pop top off string into air, and recatch in loop with whip motion. Correct and return to hand.


4. Drumbeat (fixed tip) (15 reps)

Throw Trapeze, pop top into air, recatch on string. Pumps between pops are optional, but no more that 5 pumps between pops. Return to hand after all reps.


5. One Hand Lasso

Throw Boomerang, but before catching with hand, catch top with string, using a horizontal swiping motion, catching top on segment of string between thumb and a finger of throwing hand. Return to hand.


6. Bermuda Triangle

Throw Boomerang, do Merry Go Round, insert pointer finger from free hand in the loop, forming triangle with the string, and rotate top through the triangle, do 5 rotations. Return to hand. The string should not do a full wrap around the tip while forming the triangle.


7. Behind the Back Trapeze to Lasso

Throw Trapeze to the string held behind the back on the throw hand side, pass the top behind the back on the string and launch the top to a lasso catch. Correct, and return to hand.


8. Corkscrew to Gyroscopic Flop

Throw Boomerang, make one wrap around tip. Wrap string around forearm 3 times, raise arm vertical, and swing top, to follow string and orbit arm 3 times, bind top in center of string, pull string tight so that top makes one full rotation around string, pause the top on the string for one full second then return to hand.


9. Upside Down Merry-Go-Round

Throw Trapeze. Control the top to spin tip up, and do 5 reps of Merry Go Round with the tip pointing up. Correct and return to hand.


10. One Hand Trapeze

Throw Trapeze, catching top on segment of string between thumb and a finger of throwing hand. Correct, and return to hand.